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Matchmaking Solution

Matchmaking Solution

Understanding the great importance of the positive and stable business communication between counterparts as well as the outcome of it and also the need of further extending the lines of business communication is what encouraged the launching of this solution. But this time round, the matchmaking management process is done stress and fuss free, removing the never-ending piles of paperwork at your desk. Go online and start up the matchmaking process straight away, take on board the following functions:

- Matchmaking (C2B and B2B) – Allow Visitors and Exhibitors to set up appointments online with ease. Save their time and energy, let Exhibitors maximize the results and expectations of the Event, and generate more leads for their future promotional and sales activities. - Add Exhibitor (import from Excel or manually) - Import Exhibitors to Excel based on the data you possess or add Exhibitors manually option. - Presenting Exhibitor Booths online (company details, product details, brochures, presentations) – Let Exhibitors display general data on their profile, their products and activities. Also upload the promotional materials such as PPTs, brochures, newsletters and alike. - FREE eBooth System - This module provides an opportunity to the Exhibitors to present and promote their company profile, products and activities hence it amplifies the chance to trigger an initiative for a certain Visitor to visit the Event and to contact/schedule a meeting with the Exhibitor or for an Exhibitor to express interest in a future business co-operation. - FREE Visitor Panel - Once the Visitors get on the event’s website they are registering online via the Visitor Panel with the purpose of boosting their information on the event, particular Exhibitor or product, to pre-register online prior the event, or to schedule a meeting with Exhibitors. - Design - Once given the parameters of the general idea for the new website, our professional team of designers will create few versions out of which one is selected and further modified to best suit your ideas and needs, your company’s profile and dynamics. - Page Management - Add and Edit pages - Enables adding unlimited number of web pages with various Rich Media content (text, picture, animation, video, audio) - News Management - Separate module for easy management of news with short and long content, small and large picture, linking news by subject, etc. - Floor Plan - The interactive nature of the Floor Plan enables the Visitors to determine the exact location of a certain Exhibitor they are interested in visiting at the Event. - Email to a friend form - A self-descriptive module that enables each visitor to the event’s website to e-mail hence to inform a certain person about certain content on the website. - Polls - Offers you the opportunity to set up questions with multiple answers (and options) for the Visitors on the website to fill out, enabling you to monitor what the Visitors on the website think on various topics relevant to your events/branch. This module keeps a complete archive of the previous (already published) polls. - Forms - Set up as many forms as you would like onto your website to serve to your event profile. Create, add, edit and delete options available that enable the Organizer of the event to accustom the forms to the current company and event requirements. - Menu management - Offers you a better organization of the web site. With this module you can categorize the contents (and the web pages) so they are most logically connected and easy to find. It also includes adding new links and sub links in the Menu as well as complete modification of the Menu. - Banner management - Enables placing and management of the space reserved for your businesspartners - Includes placing an image or animation in the reserved space, as well as defining new place for banners in the page design. - Web statistics reports - Advanced Web Site meter system that records every site visit. It includes recording the number and the type of the visitor, how many visitors are new, how many are returning, which are the most visited web pages, the country of origin etc. - Website optimization - This service is enabling your website to become more accessible to your potential Exhibitors or Visitors through ExpoStudio’s smart software engine.

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