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We have the know-how 

and tools you need

to keep your audience engaged

365 days a year

Personalized community feed

Your clients will receive:

- Intelligent,

- Personalized,

- Event-driven activity feeds

from a centralized database of your previous, current and future events.


Socialize 365

Your attendees can Search, Preview, Upload, Share, Like, Comment, Rate:

- presentations,
- videos,
- brochures,
- blogs,
- short text posts

Even more, they can follow events, peers, speakers.


Yes, almost like Facebook page! You have that already?

Than why do you need it !??


Live interaction and intelligent matching

With features like:

- Integrated chat

- Mobile matching system

- Group interaction

key benefits for you,

the event organiser


creating a pool of qualified sales leads!

your current SOCIAL activities

 are streamlined

to your website effortlessly!

It is a coherency experience

resulting in regular visits &interactions!

you acquire

AI and DATA mining system  taking it your marketing and sales GAINS on another level!

It's easy to start,

breeze to use.

Unparalel reporting and Data visualisation

By utilising Elastic stack we provide you with:

- unparalel data visualisation,

- interactive dashboards,

- flexible reporting,

- posibility to utilise a machine learning prediction for your marketing, sales and operations deparmetns

"ExpoStudio is a fundamental partner in our business almost since day one. The team has not just delivered but also innovated and helped us reach better outcomes.  They always have a grasp and good understanding of the task at hand – and our result is world class, market leading services."

Jim Berry
CEO & Founder, Adapt Ventures

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Feel all the magical things you can do with Aigenda.

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