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Event-specific, enterprise-grade, Website & Mobile Marketing Solution

Custom artwork, Personal contact,

Shared success

Multiple events website under the same brand

Online Directory

Corporate page unifying all content and promotion from several events

Advanced security and user privileges across events, geolocation and organizational structures

Exhibitor, Product & Services Zone

Modern responsive designs across all types of screens and devices

Event-specific Add-on Widgets

  • Agenda and Calendar

  • Speakers profile and schedule

  • Event countdown

  • Registration forms

  • Event image galleries

  • Event TV

"ExpoStudio is a fundamental partner in our business almost since day one. The team has not just delivered but also innovated and helped us reach better outcomes.  They always have a grasp and good understanding of the task at hand – and our result is world class, market leading services."

Jim Berry
CEO & Founder, Adapt Ventures

We give 30% annual discount subscription to all attending our "Best online corporate event practices" online webinar!

Even more, we will provide you with 1 year premium support service.

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