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and new revenue streams for you as an organizer

Success established for the past 10 years with an astonishing 99%+ successful meetings delivered per event.


Fully automated meetings scheduling

Matchmaking system designed and tested to be the core engine of a modern Conference organiser company.


We plug into your current processes, bringing you up to speed with at least a gear ahead of the competition.

The scheduling process is a breeze.

The system through robust data tools and
AI matching capabilities considers:

Delegate and Sponsors objectives

Calendar constraints

Complex survey selections

Availability load

Pattern from previous behaviours

Sponsors package priority line

The matching process is fully automated,

parsing through a vast list of combinations and optimizing for the best matches

As a result, you receive a

pre-scheduled list of meetings that secures the optimal scenario for all... 
Sponsors and Delegates

What does it take to deliver the meetings without our solution?

Experienced staff, dedicated only to the matching program (on average one person per 10 sponsors) before and during the event.

Manually scheduling and re-scheduling via Excel, Calendar or other scheduling software

The best you can get is 50 to 60% meeting delivery


1. Every other process is labour-intensive and requires proprietary software which is not available “over the counter”

2. An organizer must deliver on all meeting or close to 90%. Failing to do so results in broken promises, customer dissatisfaction, brand damage, refunds, headaches.

4. It’s hard, and the reason why most organizers are avoiding it, sticking to their usual ways of doing business.

We deliver a complete solution hence more revenue for you!

  1. No need to invest as we don’t sell software.

  2. Our AI engine and experienced ops team are the backbones of the solution.

  3. No need to hire new staff & pay extra wages

  4. We partner for success and share the profits

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