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Are Events Afraid of Big Data?

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

First, let us get our terminology right: What do we mean by big data?

You go to a Target store and swipe your loyalty card, and there it is big data in practice, right there under your nose! And then you start receiving targeted brochures and coupons for the things you like, or moreover, for things you might like based on your daily shopping habits.

When you browse the internet, big data is all over the place. You see the same ads wherever you log in from your PC, your mom’s tablet, or your wife’s phone.

Who do you really think approves your mortgage?

And then you have traffic lights on your way to work, or the way big telecom companies come up with their package offers, not to mention politics and how election campaigns work. The list goes on.

Now, how about events? So why are we not employing big data? Fear of change, or is it just how things have always been done?

As things stand now, all data is wasted with the closure of the event, at least for those who care the most - the attendees. They spend valuable time and money on filling absurd registration forms, which at best serve the purpose of drafting analytical reports for the event organizers. But what is in it for them, what do they get in return for their data? Another cold call for the next event?

Let us imagine a scenario where all this big data makes sense, is properly digested, and benefits both the organizer and the attendees. Where they get qualified meetings, participate in sessions they love, and where their speakers are hand-picked in accordance with their interests. Where they have one unique location for all materials and where all of their contacts are sorted and available. Mind you, this is not rocket science; it is just a matter of expressing preferences, so that each iteration on their wish lists would bring them closer to a system that serves their needs.

Big data is changing the world… and events.

Big data requires big ventures. Not to mention a vision, leadership, and action.

Event organization and management can no longer rely on outdated modes or prolonged duration of the process, from start to finish. Speed and sophistication are the key, imposing data-savvy requirements that are impossible to circumvent. Catching up with technological innovation means better products, faster and simpler organization, and ultimately more successful events.

As we step into this new age, we are bound to heed the demands of the new generation of event organizers and produce a seamless fusion of data-driven solutions incorporated in an enhanced user-friendly technology, endless connectivity options, and big-data-inspired automation that saves enormous amounts of time and money, and well… headache.

Dejan Mitov is the project architect for ExpoStudio.NET, a smart and highly advanced event management system whose intelligence and automation provide numerous benefits and competitive advantage in the era of big data, turning it into a value-added product for every event manager in the Events World.

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