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ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking System

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Are you struggling with administrative chores? Are you spending too much time and energy on scheduling meetings and non-productive interaction with clients? Are you seriously thinking of enhancing your company promotion, its efficiency, productivity and profits?
Take the bureaucracy and the stress out of managing appointments and enjoy doing business this time around!

ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking System is the turning point in the Exhibition Industry. It is an easy-to-use online scheduling tool where simplicity and high technology meet! The system’s innovative complexion is breaking the traditional boundaries in streamlining the appointment management process with its primary target being promoting interaction between interested parties on a much more efficient and productive level. As per Visitors' activities, the matchmaking tool offers up-close matchmaking interaction with Exhibitors which they can monitor, generate reports, add potential leads to their list, plan future marketing activities and much, much more.

ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking System raises your company image to a much higher level. Spend less time on bureaucracy and put your company out there!


Generate extra income for your company - Sell licenses to Exhibitors. Generate revenue by selling leads & matchmaking licenses to Exhibitors. Provide Exhibitors with a mechanism to identify individuals who have already shown interest in their company and the products and services they offer. 
Essentially, provide your Exhibitors with potential leads, as a valuable and tangible way of generating income. 
Don’t risk assigning significant amount of money to unprofitable business ventures - the starting investment is zero.

Use Password-protected Exhibitor Administration Panels (eBooth) at NO cost - Log in from anywhere and at any time.

Keep online up-to-date information on Exhibitors and Visitors - Use automated workflow for the processing of requests. Manage Exhibitor Information and keep up-to-date Calendar via Internet.

Say NO to paperwork, phone tags and other bulky administrative chores - Reduce human errors to minimum. NO confusion, NO mess, NO fuss. Make time for more productive activities.

Let Visitors have 24/7 access to the Exhibitors website - Place your schedule online so that Visitors can contact you and request an appointment with you at any time.

Check out the user-friendly Web interface - Straightforward, logical navigation.

Waste NO time on installation - Apply online NOW!

Provide technical support - Our professional service team is always available


The comprehensive nature of ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking System is what makes this online scheduling tool unique at its purpose - managing meetings efficiently and productively. The user-friendly Web interface provides a platform from which your clients may better organise their time. Exhibitors may schedule meetings with other Exhibitors, manage their appointment schedule and arrange meeting points online, with 24/7 accessibility.

The stereotypical paperwork related to scheduling appointments is now history. With ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking System all is done seamlessly.

The following features interweave to make ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking System the best low-cost, value-added online scheduling system on the market:

Presenting Exhibitor Info - On the website the Exhibitor promotes data such as company name and description, contact person, Exhibitor departments. More info presented encourages the interaction among interested parties and provides the company with relevant business contacts.

Displaying Exhibitor products online - A catalogue of the company is to be set up online, with 24/7 accessibility and possibility to add, edit or delete products.

Promoting Exhibitors online throughout the year - Exhibitors can be promoted up to 10 months prior the occurrence of the actual event and 2 moths after the Event takes its wrap. Promotional modules such as flash logo, key documents or presentation succeeded by picture and sound can be uploaded at any time. Clients can also send newsletters amplifying their company’s exposure.

Managing Exhibitors data - Exhibitors manage their Appointments by selecting the adequate time out of the clearly marked options and may accept, decline or reschedule Appointments online. An automated email is sent to the enquiring party informing them of the status of their request.

Managing Visitors data in categories for more advanced organization of the matchmaking process - Visitors are categorized according to the status of their requests which facilitates the Exhibitors future matchmaking actions.

Online Calendar for Exhibitors and Visitors - Exhibitors are enabled to always be reminded of their engagements and plan new ones accordingly. For the first time, the Visitors are also given this opportunity.

Scheduling appointments - After viewing the Exhibitors and the Visitors data displayed, by clicking on the FREE bar in the booking table each party can schedule a meeting with the desired aspiring counterpart. When scheduling appointments, a meeting point can be specified in order to further streamline the process and reduce overhead.
Furthermore, seminars can quickly and easily be set up in order to target a specific group of people, with specific interest to get things done quicker and simpler.

Sorting Exhibitors in the Favorites section - The clients with whom the Exhibitor is closely cooperating or the ones that the Exhibitor is targeting can be stored as Favorites.

Exporting data in Microsoft Excel - All the data of the matchmaking process that is setup can be exported in Microsoft Excel and later printed if required.

Visitor Demographics Statistics arranging meeting points - The defining of the location of the meeting point, its capacity and info alike can be done online using ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking System’s smart navigation.
Have accurate statistics regarding visitor demographics, their interests and background.

Visitor Profile Details - Accurate and complete Visitor details can aid the decision-making process and provide support in defining accurate business directions.

Lead management - This feature enables the Exhibitor to create potential leads out of Visitors. Furthermore, it allows Exhibitors to target them according to their interests and group them according to specific guidelines and practices.

Newsletter Module Integration - Thanks to integration with the Newsletter Module, newsletters can quickly and easily be created and sent out to target groups. Keep relevant individuals up-to-date with relevant information and events, while at the same time keeping this process as streamlined and as easy as possible.

Promotional Code Management - Managing and tracking your promotional codes that would easily offer your Visitors extra benefits and features, and would also attract them to participate in any events that you may organize in the future.

How it works

The Matchmaking appointment management process is as straightforward and as easy as it gets. All you need to do is to follow the steps as instructed below:
  1. Search for Branch, Product, Company, People and Demographics
  2. Preview information available - Company description, Product description, Request for additional info
  3. Analyze the company-of-interest background, its contact details, visit their website, locate them at the Event via the Floor plan module
  4. Acquire additional info-enter contact details, categorize your request, describe your interest as a Visitor
  5. Submit your enquiries to the Exhibitor of your interest
  6. Learn more about the prospects via:
    • News
    • Brochures
    • Video Presentations
    • Some interactive content
  7. Schedule a meeting:
    • Get a visual preview of the process
    • Choose the appropriate representatives and start the scheduling process through them
    • Select a desired time slot
    • Add a topic and describe the purpose of the meeting
      Your Calendar would be filled out in no time, see for yourself.

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