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ExpoStudio Registration System

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Are you an Organizer that is having a hard time providing Exhibitors with a smart online and onsite event registration tool? Feeling powerless and tired of losing potential Visitors due to wasting too much time on Online and On-Site Registration?

ExpoStudio has integrated easy-to-use, easily accessible and time-saving features into ExpoStudio Registration tool that relieve each Visitor from the headaches and the waste of excessive amount of time on Online log-ins and Onsite queue-ups. At the same time they boost your image as a professional and Visitor-orientated Exhibitor.

With the ExpoStudio Registration System the Event of your Visitor’s interest is only a click away…


Take on board the logical and user-friendly navigation of ExpoStudio Visitor Registration software tool
  • Straightforward web interface
  • Implement high technology that does not require IT or programming skills
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions throughout the process provided by Import/Export Wizards
  • Empower, Sort Out and Filter by the given category through the Simple and Advanced Search
  • Resolve any ambiguity that may occur by using the user-friendly, straightforward Online Help and the User Manual

Be within reach 24/7
  • Register/Accept Online Registrations at any time from any place
  • Manage Visitor and Company Data via Internet and Intranet
  • Submit the data via our straightforward online fill-in form

Automate your workflow
  • Centralize your database throughout the entire registration management process
  • Facilitate the Registration of a number of Visitors from the same company confusion and error free
  • Send E-mail notifications as automated system responses
  • Generate SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes automatically

Enhance Visitor Service – Increase Attendance
  • Enable Visitors to register quickly and at ease prior the upcoming Event by filling in the Online Registration Form within few seconds
  • Experience increased attendance and a positive feedback from Visitors. Take advantage of the unmistakable and highly efficient ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager marketing strategy
  • Re-register if the need occurs. If at any stage a change of data occurs, the Visitor can freely change the data given in the initial Registration in a few seconds
  • Why queue up at the Event?
    The Visitor Registration process takes only few minutes of your time
  • Set automated reminders - employ yet another way of reducing no-shows on the Event

Be time-efficient
  • Create better image to Visitor prior the upcoming Event - provide them with what they need faster than expected
  • Have round-the-clock, real-time access to Registration management information online
  • Be up-to-date - receive daily and general statistics and reports of your marketing actions
  • Provide your Visitors with registration bar codes printed on the Visitor badges that will fast-track the On-Site Registration

Reduce errors to a minimum
  • Eliminate illegible handwriting frustrations and reduce manually inputted errors to a minimum
  • The high functionality of the conflict-free system automatically removes duplicate entries
  • Get all-informative, relevant Registration information through the Registration form mandatory fields

Value for money
  • Waste no time on installation - the entire ExpoStudio software system is server-sided
  • Work independently - this system requires minimal ongoing technical support
  • ExpoStudio team provides consultancy services in compliance with our previous experiences making sure success is the only outcome your business venture will encounter
  • Lease ExpoStudio software - that is the only way you will be up-to-date with the ever-changing high technology

Increase productivity
  • Better organize your company workflow and free up HR to work on more effective tasks in the process of planning and implementation of the upcoming Event

Decrease costs
  • Data input is easy and straightforward and does not require excessive involvement
  • Cut the costs and delivery failures-eliminate postage fees and long distance calls
  • Have all you need at reach with yet not having to overload your desk with paper


The Online Registration is becoming an extremely popular method of Registration prior Events. Acknowledging that, we have come up with an extremely smart software administrative tool that eases the Registration management process and determines open communication between Organizers, Exhibitors and Visitors.

Online Visitor Registration
All interested Visitors can go online and register for an upcoming event. They are asked to insert their personal data on the mandatory fields and answer the online questionnaire given in the registration form. More than one Visitor from a same company can register without having to repetitively fill in the company data since the smart composure of ExpoStudio Visitor Registration recognizes them instantly and automatically fills their information in the Visitors’ stead.
Each Visitor obtains unique ID, username and a password, which they can later use to update the once given data, view the Exhibitors list and to pair up appointments online.

On-Site Visitor Registration
If a Visitor chooses not to pre-register he can register at the very Event, where upon request, provides personal ID and is subsequently given a barcode ticket that would entitle the Visitor an entrance at the actual Event.

Company Data Management
Organizers are enabled to search and view a list of companies grouped by various features and to insert new ones. The company data Management module also allows the Organizer to review and accept the registration data of the newly inserted or imported Company from an external file.

Visitor Data Management
Newly registered Visitor data and all imported Visitor/Company data are being automatically detached in a folder waiting for the Organizer to review and manage them. The power search engine enables Organizers to search for Exhibitor by specified search criteria (basic data, answers to a specific question, notifications sent, current status or Standard Industrial Classification Codes - SICC). Organizers can also add new Visitors by filling out the Registration Form identical to theirs.

Import/Export Data from and to an External file
Visitor/Company data can be imported or exported from and to Excel or CSV file format. The Import procedure consists of step-by-step instructions that guide the user through the process. The Waiting Room stores the imported data.

Automated Duplicate Data Removal - ADDR
ADDR makes sure the imported data is not unnecessarily duplicated. After each data is imported the system recognizes and adduces the possible duplicated information and it offers options to resolve the problem. The once imported data can be updated and merged together while the new one can be discarded and the previous data put up as relevant again.

Notifications Management
The e-mail notifications (Letter of Approval, Newsletter, Badge Layout, Print Badge, Thank You Letter and Send Trade Pass) can be easily managed and set up as automated system responses, or if desirable for the Organizer, as personalized e-mail or Newsletter. The notifications are being created and maintained by the advanced HTML Editor, the self-reliant program that just about equals the Word processor.

Reports Management
ExpoStudio Visitor Registration generates reports as well as Daily and General Statistics which are to be delivered to the Organizer after the Event, providing them with the opportunity to view, analyze and to come up with various future marketing strategies based upon the conclusions made.

The smart navigation of ExpoStudio Visitor Registration stores all the data into History Database which enables the Exhibition Organizer to easily track and view the changes made, and to also restore them if needed.

User Administration
The powerful security system backs up the Organizer data and is highly private in terms of defining who and what each User has access to.
System Administrator, Telemarketer and Imputer are the 3 defined profiles with different User privileges assigned to them.
System Administrator manages and creates User accounts and their access privileges to the Visitor Registration System.
The Marketer inserts new Visitors and checks the data of the existent ones.
The Imputer helps the On-Site processing of the Registration which is to be synchronized with the Online Registration.

The main aim of the ExpoStudio Visitor Registration System is to aid the creation of the Visitors, companies and relevant individuals database, which can then be used by the leads and matchmaking system to generate accurate information and increase business value.
By utilizing relevant database, the Leads & Matchmaking System can become a crucial tool and a revenue generation point.

How it works

The ExpoStudio Visitor Registration process is straightforward and simple. It requires only few seconds of the Visitor’s time and its user-friendly nature determines confusion-free Visitor data management.
  1. The Visitor goes online and visits a certain Event website.
  2. The next step would be to register and fill in the online registration form and provide the personal data specified in the mandatory fields.
  3. The Visitor is being given an admittance ticket with unique barcode assigned to it that would allow Visitors to attend the actual Event.
  4. This saves the Visitor’s time by avoiding time-consuming, tiresome queue-ups at the Event.
  5. The Visitors that have chosen not to pre-register are enabled to register at the Event.
  6. Once the Visitor provides certain personal information he is entitled to a unique admission barcode ticket.
What your company as an Organizer of the Event could gain from the Registration procedure is a complete overview of the Visitors interests and relevant Visitor data that can later be analyzed and the conclusions made could be implemented in your company’s future marketing strategy.

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