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Have you ever been thinking that one day technology would enable you to create and manage your own website and would not require high IT or programming skills? And all of that could be done at only a click of a button?

The straightforwardness and the multi functionality of ExpoStudio Website Creator’s nature change the conception of complexity of any software tool.

ExpoStudio Website Creator is the administrative tool where high technology and simplicity meet.

Break away from your previous experiences, experience ExpoStudio Website Creator.


Single the stress and the worries out over your corporate image. Take control over your website and see how adding a personal touch to it can help your Exhibitors better understand who you are and what you are all about. See what you can benefit from the genius composure of ExpoStudio Website Creator software tool.

- Create and manage your website anywhere and at any time - experience the round-the-clock website content management accessibility.

- Add your company’s personality and spirit to your company website - don’t panic over the costs of modifying the appearance of your website this time around - ExpoStudioWebsite Creator follows your changing company profile for a better fit.

- Why rely on a professional to create and manage your website content when the same and a lot more can be achieved by doing the work yourself thanks to the adeptness and the self-adjustment navigation of ExpoStudio Website Creator.

- Allocate the money for website maintenance costs to more productive activities - take on board the high quality services we offer at a surprisingly affordable price.

- Keep up-to-date info on Exhibitors and Visitors - updating the info on your website is easy and straightforward which enables you to keep up with the ever-changing Internet possibilities.

- Why spend money on excessively expensive IT courses that would only add up to the confusion and the insecurity of your action? – ExpoStudio Website Creator requires no IT skills. Managing the website content with this tool is as simple and straightforward as using Microsoft Word.


One of the many prominent features the Organizer encounters when managing the website using Website Creator is its user-friendly yet all-encompassing, secure yet easily accessible, simple yet high tech nature. But there is more to the magnificence of this software tool:

The Surf and Edit module gives the Organizer an opportunity to simply manage the website or to manage the website while previewing it via the following modules:

Managing the EXHIBITORS section - Search, Edit or Add new Exhibitors to the system; the website owner is enabled to send e-mails, print materials, assign subscriptions, export and import Exhibitors.

Managing the VISITORS section – Extends the chance to the Organizer to search for Visitors and Visitors’ companies, to edit and to add new Visitors to the system.

Managing the WEB SITE section – Via this module the Organizer is able to manage everything on the website - Pages, Layouts, Content, Menu, Modules, to repair broken links, to add a floor plan image, to manage news, to set up polls on topics from which the Organizer can get a useful feedback on their opinion and in accordance to that to tailor its approach on the marketplace, to set up polls, forums and alike. The Web Site Statistics keep up-to-date info and also keep track and establish every change made on the website.

Managing the MARKETING section – The Marketing module is crafted with the purpose of boosting the online promotion of the Organizer hence it administers and organizes the pre-exhibition newsletter campaign by creating, updating and sending newsletters, organizes recipients and prints materials.
The Marketing Statistics section informs of the number of created newsletters, the number of template newsletters, the number of recipients and the searchable folders, which in another way enhances the closeness of communication between the Organizer and its clients while helping generate professionalism among its counterparts.

Managing the REPORTS section– The highly efficient analytics tool – the Use WebTrends component – supports the Organizer with real-time traffic report for the website. Furthermore, custom reports and export reports can be defined and exported in the most suitable format – Word, Excel or Adobe PDF.

Managing the SYSTEM section – The System module allows the Organizer to administer the website users and their access privileges, to manage the Web Site module and the Exhibition settings, to view information upon which ExpoStudio has been implemented. The System Statistics displays the number of users, the last inserted user and the type of design template used.

Additional modules encompassed in ExpoStudio Website Creator:
  • Unlimited number of pages
    Fully represent the company and the products and services offered with unlimited number of pages. Scale the website to make it as big or small as needs dictate it to be.
  • News Management
    Manage the news and updates displayed on the website – keep Visitors up to date with the latest company happenings and events.
  • Banners Management
    Use banners to promote specific products, services or events throughout the website.
  • Menu Management
    Manage the navigation menu and tailor it to your needs and desires. Customize the look and feel of the website by utilizing a completely flexible navigation menu.
  • Page Layout Management
    Have the full freedom to manage the layout of the website and give specific sections more exposure. Or design the pages in such way to provide balanced promotion to all necessary items.
  • Poll Management
    Provide the website visitors with interactive polls, gauge customer interest, opinion and probe the market fast and easy, with instant feedback.
  • Forum
    Provide means of interaction for your Visitors, enhance their experience and entice them to visit the website again.
  • Contact Form Management
    Fully manage the contact form in order to retrieve as much information as necessary from your Visitors and individuals that are potentially interested in contacting your company.
  • Statistics
    Support the business with full and extensive statistics regarding the On-Site Visitors. Moreover, enhance the website and tailor it specifically to the needs of the Visitors and their profiles.
  • Search
    Fully functional and efficient search facilities so the Visitors can easily find the information they need.
  • Interactive Floor Plan
    The interactive Floor Plan will allow your Visitors to navigate the event floor plan and locate the location and information they need.
  • Book A Stand
    Allow the Visitors to book a stand at ease for your event. Remove bureaucratic and processing hurdles and provide your Visitors with a mechanism to do what they have come to do in as few steps as possible.

How it works

Surf and Edit allows the Organizer to preview or even to manage its website while previewing it. The steps are as follows:
  1. Analyze the modules that are integrated onto the Page Layout.
  2. Choose from the given range of Templates or create one yourself.
  3. Start adding content to the pages. Set it up in as many pages and languages as you like.
  4. Insert the adequate data in the modules indicated on the Page Layout. Preview, add, edit or delete the Navigation Menu, News, Banners, Polls, Forms, Broken Links, Floor Plan, Forum, Products.
  5. Coordinate the essential activities: Upload Products, Update Data, set up News, Banners, Polls, Forums and alike.
  6. Preview the final look of the website and make additional changes if and when required.

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