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Are you piling up paperwork on your desk? Is it difficult to catch up with sending Newsletters and other promotional materials on time, inviting potential Visitors to the event your company is launching? Is time-managing appointments stressing you out and is giving you headaches? Give ExpoStudio Electronic Booth System a try, for FREE.

ExpoStudio Leads and Matchmaking system is the frame within which the password-protected web interface eBooth is established. It provides the Exhibitors with the opportunity to assemble and populate their online booths. Its latest edition enables all counterparts-participants in the matchmaking process to boost their performance hence to amplify their adeptness.

Through its genius nature eBooth outreaches the target it had set for itself by breaking the stereotyped bureaucracy patterns and makes the matchmaking process simple to its user’s convenience.

See for yourself, get ExpoStudio Electronic Booth System for free!


Learn what is to benefit from eBooth:
  • Boost Exhibitor promotion by providing all-present and enriched promotion - On the Panel, info like: Company name, branches and products, with or without details at convenience are available.
  • Take off the burden and the headaches of your shoulders and kiss the excessive workload goodbye - The chores entangled in organizing an event are much easier to be dealt with via ExpoStudio Electronic Booth System, our software tool is saving you time and energy.
  • Radiate impression of professionalism among your counterparts - boost your company’s productivity, add only happy clients to your portfolio.
  • Keep online up-to-date information on Exhibitors and Visitors - expand the range of clients or keep track of their activities round the clock, for any future marketing purpose you will come up with.
  • 24/7 accessibility - once you go online you have full info on potential Exhibitors and Visitors at a click of a button.
  • Automate the workflow for the processing of requests - ExpoStudio Electronic Booth System interweaves high technology and simplicity to help you better organize your work flow and generate immediate response to your clients’ requests.
  • Manage Exhibitor Information and Calendar via Internet and Intranet - go online and get the required info on the Exhibitor and the Calendar anywhere and at any time.
  • Say NO to paperwork, phone tags and other bulky administrative chores - have every piece of information on your PC. Why pile documents up on your desk and why input data manually?
  • NO confusion, NO mess, NO fuss. Make time for more productive activities - By using ExpoStudio Electronic Booth System you are corresponding to the workload management process at much professional and less time-binding level.
  • Check out the user-friendly Web interface: Straightforward, logical navigation - This system generates high technology performance yet requires no IT knowledge, even users with basic IT skills can get by.
  • Waste NO time on installation: Apply online NOW!


The features harnessed in the ExpoStudio Electronic booth System allow each user to extract greater value from the managing appointments process.

The magnificence and the aptness of this software solution are due to the comprehensive, user-friendly profile of this tool. In its latest edition our team has added new improvements to the current one that provide even more efficient service to Organizers and Exhibitors and enable them to communicate on a much closer level. Also, the Visitors are given access to their own Calendar this time round along with PRINT and EXPORT TO OUTLOOK option which is just another way of facilitating the managing meetings process.

Managing My Company module provides complete info of the Exhibitor profile - info like the company name, its branch and products are displayed on the Panel with an option to be modified and products to be additionally uploaded.

Managing My Site Promotion - This link takes each Visitor to the Exhibitor promotional materials section where the Exhibitor has uploaded the Company info, details of the company Representative that the Exhibitor has assigned, giving him the authority to deal with certain or all of the company’s activities - a new feature added to the software. Each Visitor is also provided with the opportunity to view the Exhibitor products.

The Exhibitor on the other hand is given the option to add, edit or delete products and to also upload images with name and description of the company products in details.

This latest edition of eBooth enables the Exhibitor to also send personalized newsletters which will empower the Exhibitor to reach its audience on a much closer level, while at the same time enhancing his promotion.

Daily statistics is the section where the Exhibitor can get info on the number of:
  • Visits on the panel for the actual day;
  • Requests received for the actual day;
  • Selected by whom as favorite for the actual day;

Product Management - Exhibitors add, edit or delete products and can also upload images with name and description of the company products in details.

Contact Management - eBooth has implemented contacts search to your preference on the website. Contacts, Visitors or Exhibitors, can be searched through pre-defined filters by name and company. A meeting can later be requested and a personalized newsletter can be sent. After the Panel has been created or modified, the Organizer or the Exhibitor can preview the Panel.

Instructions to follow to familiarize each user with ExpoStudio Electronic Booth System - Quick Tour link inserted for first-time log-ins.

The above mentioned provides every user no matter the purpose of visit with high-tech yet user-friendly service on the site.

Website Language Setup - The website language is set to choose from English to any other to your preference and up to as many languages as your Event dictates you to add.

How it works

  1. Search for Branch, Product, Company, People and Demographics;
  2. Preview information available-Company description, Product description, Request for additional info;
  3. Analyze the background of the company of interest, its contact details, visit their website, locate them at the Event via the Interactive Floor Plan module;
  4. Acquire additional info - enter contact details, categorize your request, describe your interest as a Visitor;
  5. Submit your enquiries to the Exhibitor of your interest;
  6. Learn more about the prospects via:
    • News
    • Brochures
    • Video Presentations
    • Some interactive content
  7. Allow Visitors to schedule a meeting and:
    • Get a visual preview of the process
    • Choose the appropriate representatives and start the scheduling process through them
    • Select a desired time slot
    • Add a topic and describe the purpose of the meeting
      Your Calendar would be filled out in no time, see for yourself.

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