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ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager

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Promoting your upcoming events and embarking on new business ventures requires lots of time and effort and not always the results are as productive as you would like them to be. Harnessed in ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager are advantageous marketing features that will smooth out and upgrade the promotion process and relieve your company from the stress and the hassle entangled in it.
The ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager consists of modules that result in yet another efficient way of enriching the Event promotion and also open the streams of communication of the Organizer-Exhibitor-Visitor chain in the Events Industry.


Get personal with your clients - Send personalized Newsletters to your current and potential clients. Keep them up-to-date on your latest products and of your upcoming events.

Generate extra profits by taking Newsletter Manager on board - The marketing structure of this software tool takes you one step closer to reaching your target - that being increased attendance at the Event.

Create, manage, schedule and send Newsletters yourself or choose from our range of templates available with purchasing the ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager License.

Experience the user-friendly yet multi-purpose nature of this marketing tool - navigating this tool does not require any IT or programming skills. Dealing with Newsletter is as easy as filling in an application form.
The Marketing module guides you through the entire process of composing your Newsletter. All you are required to do is input text in a Microsoft Word document.

Guard your promotion from human errors – preview and ban reduplication. There is no risk of losing data, the entire data is stored in the Waiting Room. Even the one that you have once deleted can be restored and set up as relevant again.

Narrow your search through the recipients Management option - search through the existing filters or create new ones better matching your business criteria.

Don’t spend time wondering whether the Newsletter got through - The Recipients Delivery Status determines that for you, leaving nothing to chance and giving you the opportunity to resolve the issue easy and fast.

Guide your actions with the Help Manual – read the Help Manual and you will leave no chance to ambiguity and mistakes. Use 100% of ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager’s multi-functionality.


The Newsletter module helps each Exhibitor better organize their promotion and grasp the Visitors’ attention informing them of the upcoming event and of the products offer on much personal level. Along with purchasing the ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager License the Organizer offers each Exhibitor templates based on which they can further give a personal touch to their Newsletters.

See what features of ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager could feature your Exhibitors’ promotion. Why not implement high technology software tool to help Exhibitors boost their marketing strategy hence generate more income for your company?

Simple Newsletter composition & management - The rich-text Content Editor performs similarly to a Microsoft Word application encompassing basic standard and formatting tools. The Exhibitors are also given the opportunity to choose from numerous eye-catching Templates and alter them to better match their company image on which can later add its logo. The multifunctional module displays options like: Edit, Delete, Restore, Preview and Test Newsletter.

Convenient Newsletter distribution and scheduling - Once the Template is chosen or created and updated with the desirable data the Exhibitor determines whether to send the Newsletter instantly or to schedule it for a certain time and date.

Recipient management and organizing within groups - This feature provides the alternative to Search, Add, Edit and Delete Recipients. Furthermore, the Newsletter Manager could Export selected or Export All Recipients to and from CSV or Excel files. Use Filter facilitates the search of a Recipient by specifying an existing or determining new search criterion.
Human error reduction – Once the Recipients are imported, they are by default listed in different tables according to the matching data all of which are stored in the Waiting Room. The Recipients are matched by the following criteria: First Name, Last Name and by Email. Recipients can further be added, updated or deleted.

Report exporting and previewing in industry-standard formats – Microsoft Word Document or Adobe PDF document - The Delivery Status gives the Exhibitor feedback on the following: Cancelled, Locked and Unsubscribed Recipients, Invalid Email Domain, Scheduled For Sending, Invalid Email Syntax and Successfully Sent Newsletter. The results of the marketing campaign are automatically generated and are powered by Crystal Reports. The Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.

How it works

After requesting a Demo account with us we will offer you the opportunity to check out ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager’s functionality and the straightforward navigation for yourself. No IT or programming knowledge is required - Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel skills are all you need to possess. The application’s nature is tailored to guide you through the process securing you from mistakes and saving you time.

The application consists of 3 main modules: Newsletter, Recipient and Statistics all of which are crafted to facilitate, boost and support the marketing promotion prior an event or when launching a new product.

The whole process is simple, straightforward and reliable. No reduplication can occur since ExoStudio Newsletter Manager is automatically set up to prevent it.

Listed below are the ExpoStudio Newsletter Manager steps:
  1. The user logs in by giving the requested username and password, unique to each user.
  2. The user chooses the most appropriate Template from the range of Templates available or sets up the Template he had created by himself and fills out the mandatory fields with the requested data (Subject and Email address).
  3. The next step is to select Recipients from the list available or to add new ones. Here the user can select Recipients manually, can search and filter Recipients by pre-determined criteria.
  4. After the selection of Recipients is determined, the user sends the newsletter or schedules it for sending on certain, more appropriate time and date.
The applications are being sent via server, so your next step would be to go home, put your feet up and relax.

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